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International Canine Exchange Inc. Portsmouth, Rhode Island USA
PHONE: 1-401-640-0626

International Canine Exchange Inc. (ICE) provides the highest quality working dogs available to police departments, government agencies, security companies and working dog enthusiasts.

The dogs supplied by ICE Inc. are hand tested and selected by our staff. We travel to Europe, Mexico and throughout the U.S. to screen potential dogs for their prospective working situations.

We only supply dogs which possess the necessary drives, display sound temperament, have strong, confident nerves and dogs that are medically correct. Dogs we select are evaluated for great hunt drive, strong possession of a reward toy, and confidence in the bite work as well as in themselves. Each dog is screened by our veterinarian here in the U.S. for hip/elbow dysplasia, any spine abnormalities and have a complete blood work up. This medical history is supplied with each canine. Because our medical screening is so thorough, we offer a one (1) year medical guarantee against any genetic defects that would cause a canine to not be suitable for work.

The canines we supply undergo rigorous testing for all possible concerns and abilities associated with a working environment. The following is a list of some of the testing we do when selecting a dog.

Narcotics Detection
Explosives Detection
Dual Purpose
Single Purpose

Confidence in new places
Slick floors
Open/closed grade stairs
Jumping (solid/unsteady surfaces)
Tight places
Distraction of other animal scents

Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherds
German Shepherds
Labrador Retrievers

Rubber hose
Towel/tug toy
Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherds
German Shepherds

home dogs about clients